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Audi connect keeps you well-informed and entertained whenever you like. You have your own weather station, news studio, travel guide, worldwide internet radio, traffic information, and much more on board. Everything at your fingertips and at 4G LTE speeds.

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    Traffic information online

    The latest traffic information is displayed in colour on the navigation screen and is included in the dynamic route guidance. Continuous data updates provide quick information about traffic jams, including whether they're just getting started or are beginning to ease up. Motorways, secondary highways, and city streets included.

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    Parking information

    The built-in parking finder: no more stress when parking thanks to Audi connect parking information. Car parks with available spots near your current location, near your destination, or anywhere else are shown in real time, together with price and the number of free spots.

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    Fuel prices

    The Audi connect fuel price function makes every stop efficient. It lists the cheapest petrol stations at your destination or at your current location. The list may be sorted either by price or by distance. Depending on what you need in the moment or your priorities.

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    Online news

    Audi connect lets you stay well-informed while driving and only listen to what really interests you. Configure your news sources (RSS feeds) simply at my.audi.com. Use the read-aloud function to have the news played back conveniently while driving. If desired, you cans also view the detailed text message in the MMI.

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    Audi connect provides you with weather forecasts and current weather data, not just for your current location, but also for your destination. Weather forecasts for every hour for the next two days or view the radar maps to see when and where you can expect the next storm to hit. Weather information such as weather alerts and ambient weather can be integrated into the navigation map.

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    Flight information

    Besides departures and arrivals, the Audi connect service also provides custom information about gates and reported delays.

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    Train information

    Keep waiting times and stress to a minimum. Audi connect bus and rail information makes for smooth transfers to public transport, providing updated platform and departure times in a jiffy.

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    City events

    Never miss another event: Thanks to Audi connect and City events you are always up-to-date on upcoming events and hip venues, whether at your destination, your current location, or anywhere else.

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