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Feeling safe

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Feeling safe.

Feel even safer while travelling with the services of Audi connect. Services like emergency call which will automatically contact the Audi emergency call centre after an accident and online roadside assistance will connect you with the Audi service centre if you experience a flat tyre or need towing service. The vehicle status report puts all the information about your Audi at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

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    Emergency call

    Automatically places an emergency call in the event of an emergency. To ensure a rapid and targeted response, relevant data such as your location and the severity of your accident are transferred to the Audi emergency call centre. You can also trigger the emergency call manually if you are coming to the aid of other motorists or otherwise need assistance.

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    Online roadside assistance

    This service brings you fast and efficient roadside assistance. Just press the service call button in the compartment ceiling and you'll be connected directly to the Audi service centre.

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    Audi service request

    After registering for and activating myAudi, have the system tell you when your next scheduled service is due at your selected Audi service partner. The Audi service partner will contact you and set up your next visit.

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    Remote lock & unlock

    Use the Audi MMI connect app on your smartphone at any time to see whether your vehicle is locked or not. If your Audi is unlocked, just press the button and lock it. How easy is that?

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    Remote auxiliary heating

    Start the auxiliary heating for your Audi easily and conveniently with the Audi MMI connect app on your smartphone. (Optional equipment required.)

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    Vehicle status report

    Use the vehicle status report service to know your Audi's status before you start it. For example, if you need to refuel and should leave a few minutes earlier today. The report also includes oil levels and maintenance intervals.

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    Audi connect e-tron services

    Especially for e-tron vehicles, Audi connect services via the Audi MMI connect app and myAudi allow you to check specific information such as the current battery charge level or the remaining distance you can drive on your current charge. You can also plan and control your charging processes and your vehicle's climate controls conveniently from afar. This way your vehicle will not only be charged at the scheduled departure time, but also have the optimal ambient climate, too. This also optimises the distance you can drive on your current charge.

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    Theft alarm notification

    This service provides effective protection against theft, vehicle break-ins, and tyre theft; the entire interior is also monitored by ultrasound. If the theft alarm is triggered, you will receive a message on your phone immediately.

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