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Audi connect

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Audi connect

Always at your service: experience connected mobility with Audi connect. Audi connect supports different applications, depending on the vehicle model. These connect the Audi model, owner, internet, infrastructure and other vehicles with each other to ensure you have access to optimum infotainment functions throughout your journey.

Legal notes

It is only possible to use the services supported by Audi connect with the optional equipment MMI Navigation plus and Audi connect (including car phone – depending on the vehicle model). In addition, you also need – depending on the vehicle model – a SIM card with data option and also with LTE option to use LTE – with the car phone a SIM card with telephone and data option or a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone with remote SIM Access Profile (rSAP). These services are only available with an existing mobile telephone contact or one that is to be concluded separately and only within the coverage of the mobile network. Depending on your mobile phone tariff, and particularly when used abroad, additional costs may be incurred for receiving data packages from the internet. Due to the high volume of data involved, a contract with a flat rate for data is strongly recommended.

Availability of the services supported by Audi connect varies from country to country. The services are provided for a minimum period of 12 months from vehicle delivery. Depending on the particular vehicle model, one-off registration and in some cases also individual configuration on the myAudi platform at may be necessary to use the individual services. Some services require initial activation in the vehicle. For services that require initial activation in the vehicle, a term of 36 months applies from the time of activation (provided the activation ensues within 6 months of vehicle delivery; otherwise the right of use is shortened accordingly). Depending on the vehicle model, Audi connect permits access to the Facebook and Twitter services. Permanent availability cannot be guaranteed. This is the responsibility of Facebook and Twitter.