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Audi connect

These days, we are connected everywhere and at all times – at home, at work and on the move. Audi connect ensures you stay in touch with the world when in your Audi, via the data module integrated in the vehicle.

Audi connect provides in-car internet access via a SIM card in the Bluetooth car phone. This means you can obtain online information such as weather, news and traffic information or current images via Google Earth™ and Google Street View™* or enjoy the Audi music stream whenever you wish.

The many services and functions enhance driving comfort and take automotive enjoyment to a new level – with Audi connect your vehicle becomes part of the global network. 
The optional MMI® navigation plus (for the Audi A3, A6, A7 Sportback and A8 model lines with MMI® touch) allows fast and intuitive operation of the services supported by Audi connect.

Mobility & navigation

Where is the cheapest filling station? Are there any hold-ups on my route? What does my destination look like? Whatever questions you may have while travelling, Audi connect has the answers. And shows you them neatly arranged on the display of your MMI navigation plus (with MMI touch). Naturally including direct navigation to your chosen destination or the realistic views from Google Earth and Google Street View™.


Whether you want to access your e-mails, check your text messages or post on Facebook, Audi connect turns your Audi into a mobile communications centre. The Wi-Fi hotspot enables you to use the internet with up to eight mobile devices at a time. Whether it’s a tablet, laptop or games console – make yourself at home.


Audi connect always keeps you well informed and entertained. You have your own weather station, news studio, travel guide, worldwide internet radio and much more on board. Everything at your service, at the push of a button.