He is off then.

You have a few days, a tent, roads, an Audi Q3 and off you go to Lycia, where the high Taurus mountain range and the Aegean Sea await adventurers. Here, outdoor products from the Audi collection are ideal companions.


To escape the stress,

to not have to save the world for a few days. Instead: to get along by yourself, to be outside, to think about the road ahead (and perhaps enjoy a cool drink) instead of the destination and to pitch your tent where the view of the sunset is most beautiful. The desire for a more bearable load in harmony with nature drives nearly 200,000 people to travel the Camino de Santiago every year. For all those who want to escape the crush of well-trodden paths and who feel more drawn to finding self-knowledge through nature, a pleasant climate and small adventures we recommend the Lycian Way. It is considered the most beautiful trail in the Mediterranean: over a distance of some 500 km it meanders from Antalya through the high Taurus mountain range, along the Turkish Mediterranean coast to the beaches of Fethiye.

On old donkey paths, through dark cedar forests, past ancient ruins, and above it all, until June every year, towers the snowcapped peak of the majestic Tahtalý. The origins of this long-distance trail date back to ancient times, parts of it were used as trade routes for camel caravans. Experienced travellers will take 25 days to travel the ancient route that was only 'reopened' in 1999 by English woman Kate Clow, with a lot of pioneering spirit and red arrows. Or you can just use the Lycian Way as the inspiration for an unconventional yet magnificent excursion into an ancient, cultural landscape, guided only by chance and recommendations. Tourists are rare. Nature on the other hand is abundant. Maps do not exist. Instead there are places and roads that don't show up on any navigation system. And helpful people who guide hikers and travellers through the rugged terrain using wild gestures. The fact that you will at times end up somewhere else entirely is perfect for explorers.

Those who want to escape their everyday life need

an agile, compact and powerful car, which can withstand the mountains and enjoys winding roads. A car, high enough off the road and robust enough to weave its way through the bumpy terrain, with a suspension that masters slushy grooves in the road with ease, plays cat and mouse with potholes while offering enough space to store your luggage and equipment. Outdoor enthusiast will opt for an Audi Q3 2.0 TDI quattro, more specifically one with a luggage rack made of anodised aluminium. Because they want to travel, too. However, they also want to transport their Enduro bike, which, whenever they are at home, is used only on signposted and fenced courses. They do not want to rely on B&Bs alone but to also erect their tent on fragrant forest floors under creaking cedars.

As a companion the Audi Q3 will have become so close to their heart that after six days it is almost a part of them. The winding asphalt roads winding their way through the mountains and along the coast made them grin with delight at every gentle or tight corner. The forest roads and drivable parts of the Lycian trail have demanded their full concentration and the best of the car but every confidently driven excursion fills them with a happy feeling. They have shaved in the wing mirror or put on their make-up, enjoyed the perfect soundtrack to their trip using the BOSE surround sound system and even drawn a few admiring glances. The first night they still spent in a B&B. Before they drove off their hostess sprinkled water onto road ahead of them in observance of an old Turkish custom, which is meant to bring travellers luck. Or do they only owe their luck to the Audi Q3 2.0 TDI quattro, which has protected them from any kind of stress during this last week?